Hinter Glas, 2022, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 300 x 220 x 260 cm (unframed)

In one of the boxes, HINTER GLAS/ BEHIND GLAS a newly planned site specific painting is shown. It is oriented to the conditions of the glass box and it ́s aluminium frames. The canvas panels are adapted to the windows and create an image-space structure via the paintings mounted behind the glass of the building. The aluminium struts of the box, which are visible to the outside, become part of the picture and the order given to it. On the one hand, the small-format paintings close the room, on the other hand, they open it up to the outside by framing individual parts of the existing window grid, each acting on them like a picture frame. The work will undergo a process of change in the course of the exhibition period, which lasts over the summer.
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