24 August – 15 November 2016
Octogon is a three-dimensional painting in the urban space of Marzahn Promenade in Berlin.
The painting, composed of individual canvas strips, is to take place on the approximately 13m x 60m rectangular raised bed in Marzahn Promenade No. 26-28. Sixteen symmetrically planted maple trees grow here. The octagons will be attached in a central perspective pointing towards the "East Gate" shopping center. The asymmetrical octagons will be mounted on strong tree branches and form a constellation. The octagons overlap each other in an interlocking form and appear to be floating and mixed up with each other.

The octagons will be tightly bound using ribbons and metal eyelets and anchored to the ground with stakes so as not to damage the trees. The individual canvas strips, similar to a slackline, will be tightly stretched between the trees. They each have a width of about 8 to 12 cm and a length of 2 to 12 m. The strips painted on both sides are mounted in such a way that the visually continuous shape of an octagon is formed. The shapes are multi-perspective and work from all sides due to the double-sided painting. The colors of each octagon come from the current appearance of the promenade, such as turquoise tiles of a house entrance or a light "flesh-colored" pink or a cool blue found in the window frames of the high-rise buildings in the settlement.
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